why website speed is slow


why website speed is slow

Visitors don’t like slow website. Even you can loss visitors if your website is slow to load. This would impact on google ranking a well.

Here is some of the point we have listed, that could be the cause of slow website.

  • Performance of a hosting server 

    When someone clicks on your site, the very first thing that happens is: Your browser (Chrome,Firefox, Internet Explorer,Safari, etc) sends a ping to your server. It’s asking for all the information and data, so it can load up your website.

    If your server’s performance is poor, it will take longer to respond. No matter how quick everything else is, a slow server will always give you a slow start.

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  • Lots of traffic Lot of traffic could also slow down your website. At its current level, your web server can only serve a certain number of people at once.Compare and Save on Web Hosting
  • Extra large images A large image could take up to a minute to load.A large image is going to take a long time to load up. If you’ve got a ton of large images on your website, you’re adding extra load time for every picture.The file format is also important here. Browsers can load JPG, PNG, and GIF images nice and quickly. But, heavy formats like TIFF and BMP are going to eat huge chunks into your load time.

  • Code density Large, dense elements will slow down your website. One of the densest elements of your site is the code that creates it.If you’re familiar with CSS, HTML, and Javascript, you’ll know that there is an enormous amount of code behind your website.
  • Text graphics A lot of websites still use images to display text.You might be using an image to display your logo, for example. Or you might have an explainer text as part of a large image on your homepage.Graphics like these take a lot longer to load compared to a simple font.
  • Too many file requestsEvery small element on your site requires a different file request to load.Every CSS file, every image, every social sharing button, and every piece of Javascript is a new file request.Your server can only handle a certain amount of requests per second.
  • Too many pluginsIf you’re running WordPress, you’ve probably got a host of plugins behind the scenes. Well, each one of those makes its own file request. Each has a CSS file and some javascript to load.If you’re running a lot of plugins, it’s going to slow things down.

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